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We've Changed!  
We have decided to follow a new direction.

We would like to thank everyone for their support!

After much prayer and discussion, we have decided that our talents and gifts are better put to use teaching others to do what we have learned to do ourselves.  To that end, we are currently working on a series of books and tutorials highlighting the techniques and insights we have gained creating art out of sugar.

Stay tuned here for more information!

Signature SugarArt
Unique Artistry Cakes and More.

All of our custom cakes, cookies and other items are completely unique to each event and circumstance. Whether for a wedding, birthday, anniversary or other special event, we will create an edible work of art that reflects your culinary tastes as well as your aesthetic and design tastes.

With just the seed of an idea, we can develop a design plan for your sweet creation that will exceed your expectations and enchant your guests.

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Edible Art

At Signature SugarArt all of our cakes are 100% edible - save the occasional support structure when absolutely unavoidable.  We make all of our sugar flowers, figurines and other detail elements by hand and on site.  All of our items are made from scratch from only the finest ingredients.

Whateversfresh utilizes Color Wheel Pro - a program that allows you to create color schemes and preview them on real examples.